Facebook Marketing

With 500 million members and growing, Facebook offers brands and marketers direct contact to the largest pool of online users on the web. We can help create appropriate call on action along with some buzz.

Facebook Applications

To compliment Facebook Marketing initiative we can help create custom applications and games that are centric to the image of the brand, business or service. Custom applications can help build audience engagement.

Twitter Hashtags

We can help create and manage hashtags based on client need. We just don’t manage and create content. We create campaigns and integrate them with all major social media platforms. Twitter is an important platform which helps spread awareness and build interaction.

LinkedIn Marketing

A very important social media platform for businesses – we don’t only manage your LinkedIn page / profile but also participate on various LinkedIn groups to build company’s / brand’s creditability.

Youtube Marketing

We create viral videos, corporate films, training videos, advertisements that can be syndicated using Youtube and Vimeo. Visual medium is a powerful and impactful tool to engage the target audience.

Other Platforms

Apart from using traditional digital marketing tools such as Email Campaigns, we also use other Social Media Platforms such as Foursquare, Delicious, Digg, Blogs, Yelp etc. depending on the need of the brand.