Continuing on our dynamic adventure, Inknuts is happy to announce the launch of Aksamala – our new venture into ebook and Print-on-Demand publishing. Ebook & POD publishing is an exciting market, full of opportunities for authors, previously published or not, and for readers across the globe. The Indian publishing industry is fast moving into this segment and with Aksamala we wish to tap digital waters and bring fresh stories, from across genres, to digitally equipped readers. We also wish to provide opportunities to writers based in both India and abroad.

Inknuts promises the perfect marketing, design and PR experience because of its strong team. We are first marketers and then publishers which is an ideal solution for a first time author who wants to get noticed.

Aksamala is a Sanskrit word which means a ‘thread of nuts’ where each nut / bead signifies a letter. In the word Aksamala “aksa” stands for the letters of the alphabet from “a” to “ksa”. In the Sanskrit alphabet “a” comes first and “ksa” comes last. Aksamala is the “A” to “Z” of a subject; in other words it could also mean to have a thorough grasp of a subject.

Just like each unique bead in the Aksamala, we hope our books and stories will be interesting, funny, and purely entertaining. Strung together with a common thread – a promise to make you think, laugh, or possibly cry.


A Lot Unlike Love

A philosophical fiction novella inspired by the writings of T.S. Elliot and Krishnamurthy. Author: Thinley Tharchen.

A Frog in My Throat and Other Stories

A collection of stories. Author: Rohini Vij

Nothing is Forgotten

A collection of best Kanpur stories. Author: Various


A thriller. Author: Abudhar Hassan