Inknuts forayed into the fascinating world of book trailers in 2012. And within a few months we have created almost 20 book trailers. We create the most impactful and effective book trailers for the newest books, up-and-coming releases, and old favourites. We have a dedicated crew that shoots actors performing scenes from the book. Our library of stock footages, music pieces, costumes and, VFX specialists further help us produce full fledged cinematic trailers conveying the story and creating the desired buzz.

Some argue that these trailers simply contribute to our increasingly short attention spans. We choose to differ. Book trailers are important to the reader. An informal survey conducted by us on a social media platform confirms that people do watch book trailers when they appear on popular sites for books and the trailers often influence their decision to buy a book.

As a company that has been working with the publishing industry, as a one stop service provider, we believe that book trailers like ours help bridge the divide and draw more people to the powerful world of books.

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