Inknuts: A Graphic Design Company

Inknuts Multimedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2010 as a company that provides professional graphic design services and in a short span of time it has earned itself the status of a boutique advertising agency. With a team of professional designers, film-makers and marketers, Inknuts provides researched concepts, competitive evaluation, and industry trends creating not just designs but custom solutions uniquely tailored for each client.

We specialise in creating book covers, book trailers, book designs, corporate identity, corporate films, web and mobile apps and  websites.

More than a Design Studio – It’s a Creative Hub

Inknuts isn’t just a design house but a creative hub that believes in promoting culture, design, aesthetics and values that help society at large. It holds occassional training sessions, workshops and casual interactions from varied fields, in order to encourage creativity and out of the box thinking. We’ve also launched a publishing wing called ‘Aksamala.’